When your unused app disappears from the app store.

Over the years I’ve had lots of failed attempts at organizing myself. I was raised in a manner that is at best described “eclectic” when it came to time. Time has since become a major point of conflict in my relationships with others and myself. I suspect that many of my problems are rooted in the fact that I don’t stay long enough with any one type of system to reap the benefits before jumping onto a new and improved system.

I am currently in the mood of re-examining my past successes. Digging through my digital tools, I have discovered that one of my favorite tools of yore, (God bless the yore,) has disappeared from the app store on iTunes. It was a little time management app that combined a task list and a timer in a simple yet beautiful layout. You could create repeating task lists, set the amount of time you wanted to spend, and color code it. I loved it. It worked for me. So naturally I abandoned using it. But, only so far as not using it everyday, but I kept it on my phone.

Well, in order to allow myself ample amount to snap photos & video’s of my nephews I’ve turned on this little feature in iOS that allows you to off load little used apps, then reinstall them if needed without losing your data. So, the 30/30 app was removed. Several days ago, I remembered that it existed and tried to launch it. Alas, I can not reinstall it. It is gone from the store. A review of their twitter feed does little to perk my hopes up that it will return. Thus, a danger of the SAS market place. When one can purchase and “own” a copy of an item, you are free to go back to that item and use it when you feel like it. A work of art, an old clock, a vinyl record, or any old item found in the proverbial attic can be dusted off and played with again. When we rely entirely on 3rd party “cloud” repository’s for our beloved yet abandoned toys, even when we pay for them, they are not ours. As a saying goes when it comes to owning silver and gold, if it’s not in your hands you don’t really own it.

So, unless the developer resurfaces, I’m off to sample an app recommended by a fellow forlorned 30/30 lover and other productivity apps. After all, they are all new and shiny and I do like playing with new apps.